Confessions of a Junk Car Seller

my junk van1One day, I was getting ready for work and my car wouldn’t start anymore. It was clear that my car was past its expiration date, therefore, it qualified as what we often refer to as a junk car. I know many people would have you believe that at this point the car is worthless, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If your car is anything like mine with broken headlights, messed up brakes and an engine that may or may not start, there are things you can still salvage. As I quickly learned, there is indeed a market for these so-called junk cars. Though many parts of my car were not functioning, a good handful were still in great shape. Many people look to purchase used car parts from sellers like me to cut back on costs associated with their own cars. In a way, I felt much better knowing that the insides of my car were used by others and didn’t end up rotting at the junkyard.

There are several different methods to getting cash for your old car as I later found out. It may shock you reading this to learn that junk is still someone else’s treasure, but it really is. You can just call the number I called on this website.

During my search for buyers, I stumbled across some interesting bits of information. The first thing I ended up learning is that you earn money based on the weight of your car. I had an old van I was looking to get rid of, which sweetened the pot. Obviously, cars like vans, SUVs and trucks weigh more than the average passenger car.

I also found that it was much easier to sell a junk car that was large as opposed to a smaller one.

I was truly overwhelmed by the number of ways one can get rid of a junk car nowadays. I had to do a lot of research and at the end of the day, I looked at the bottom line. There is a market full of people looking for old car parts and scrap cars. Ultimately, you know your car is junk if it’s sitting on your lawn and you haven’t been able to start it in years! Don’t worry about it anymore, but sell it like I did.