Tyre Maintenance

While driving, it the tyres that are in contact with the ground. Given that you are likely to drive in different types of terrains, it is imperative that you ensure proper maintenance of these tyres. The tyre treads, the air pressure, the sidewall should all be given proper attention so that your tyres solihull are expected to last longer. Why is it important to ensure that you maintain you tyres well?

Wear and tear

When you maintain your car tyres well, you reduce the rate at which they wear out. This in turn means that they will last longer, saving you the replacement cost of the tyres. Driving a vehicle whose tyres are not properly maintained also strains the engine which may lead to problems later on.

Danger to yourself and other motorists

Tyres are among the most important parts in a vehicle. Poorly maintained tyres increase the risk of causing accidents on the road. This poses a danger to yourself, your family and to other road users. In addition to this, it may also cause damage to other people's property. Improperly maintained tyres find it hard to handle rough terrains, wet or icy grounds as well as to negotiate corners. If you are not careful, you will end up causing an accident.

Better driving experience

Well maintained tires give you a better driving experience compared to worn out or poorly maintained ones. This means that you do not strain yourself or the vehicle. A poor driving experience may lead to health problems such as back aches, chest problems and problems in your legs. This can be avoided by ensuring that your vehicle is well maintained.


As mentioned earlier, when your tyres or any other car part are underperforming, you will end up paying more for its regular use. Underperforming tyres will make your vehicle very uneconomical with respect to fuel. Your weekly or monthly fuel bill may increase drastically or even double in a couple of weeks.

Legal issues

It is your duty to ensure that your vehicle does not pose any form of threat to motorists and other road users. In the event that it does, it will lead to legal suits, penalties and in some cases jail time. Your license may be suspended or cancelled altogether in the event that you are found operating a vehicle that poses a danger to other people.

Tips for proper maintenance

You should regularly check the pressure of your tyres when they are still cold. Your car manual should have a guideline on how much pressure your car requires for optimal operation. In addition to this, you should check the treads of your vehicle often in order to be in the know when they need replacement. You also ought to rotate your wheels every six months or after you have covered around 12,000 kilometres to ensure that they wear out evenly. When it comes to replacement, it is advisable to replace all the tyres at once as opposed to replacing them at intervals.

As a car owner, you need to invest your time, energy and other resources in maintaining your vehicle and its constituent parts. Otherwise, your vehicle will always be a threat to you, your family members and other motorists.